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Fannin' the Flames

Faith is tried by the fire when the C, or "colored," shift at Fire Station 27 of the L.A. Fire Department is experiencing strange occurrences, and almost everyone is convinced that the events are racially motivated. Jerome White, a firefighter for 15 years, has been in love with his wife since they were children, and they live blissfully in suburbia with their three sons. His perfect world is shattered when tragedy strikes and he is left to pick-up the pieces. His captain, best friend, and godfather to his second son, Lloyd Frederickson, is planning his 30th wedding anniversary party when his wife ask him for a divorce. Rookie Andrew St. Vincent is the biracial son of a veteran firefighter who has taken all of his privilege for granted and is hit with a racial reality check when the station pranks become dangerous. The only female on the shift, Mychel (pronounced Michael), has her eyes and heart set on Jerome. Will Jerome fall prey to her conniving ways disguised as concern in a moment of weakness? With all of the instability and insanity that confronts Jerome, he is continually reminded "it is all in the believing". Glynda and Dawn Naylor (from Sittin in the Front Pew) have returned and the reader gets to find out if the “cease fire” called at the funeral is still holding strong.

One The Line.png

On The Line

Joy Newhouse is the diva of the airwaves, a relationship expert who scores big with listeners for her jaw-dropping, scathing commentary on men, women, sex—no subject is taboo for this provocative radio shock jock. When she's fired suddenly by new management, Joy isn't happy off the air and out of the spotlight. So she writes a book that features her most titillating calls and letters, a bestseller ripe with the kind of gossip intended to put Joy back where she belongs: on top.Soon, however, negative and righteous feedback from those listeners she exploited in her book stirs up a media scandal, giving Joy a crisis of conscience—and a taste of payback. Perhaps it wasn't so wise of her to hitch her star to her readers' most personal stories—tales of secret affairs, office romances, baby-daddy drama, cheaters, swingers, sibling rivalries, job infighting and more. Perhaps there's a better way to reinvent herself?

What Goes Around.png

What Goes Around

Catherine the Terrible is BACK! In this sequel to the popular novel The Shirt off His Back (2000), Terry Winston is married to Jackie and has been raising his teenage twin daughters, Ariana and Alisa. When the girls' birth mother shows up demanding a kidney the family is torn asunder when one sister isn’t a donor candidate and the other one won't even consider it.

A successful businesswoman, Catherine Hawkins has lived an enviable life of luxury, thanks to an ambition that has made her stop at nothing–including abandoning her own twin daughters when they were born eighteen years ago. After going AWOL, Catherine sent lavish gifts to Ariana and Alisa, while the children’s father, Terry Winston, and his wife, Jackie, reared the girls with all their love and care.

Now, as the twins are ready to graduate high school, Catherine is suddenly begging to visit and full of affection. A change of heart is hardly her motive, though: Catherine needs the girls–at least one of them–to save her life. For her kidneys are failing, and unless one of her daughters gives her an organ, Catherine may not be around long enough to find another compatible donor.

The news of Catherine’s illness affects her estranged family in different ways, as each member struggles with anger, resentment, and a sense of guilt over turning a blind eye. And when a decision is finally made, an unexpected secret is revealed–one that will rock the Winston family, heart and soul.

Sitting in the front pew.png

Sittin' in the Front Pew

This long running best seller explores the upheavals that a father's death triggers for his grown daughters. Narrator Glynda has just passed the bar exam in L.A. when she receives the dreaded late-night phone call. Drawing on the strength of her plucky best friend, Rico, she flies to Baltimore, where the family is gathering to bury Edward Zachary Naylor. Tears fall and personalities clash as Glynda and her siblings Renee, Collette and Dawn bicker relentlessly over funeral arrangements. The battle lines are drawn, with Renee and Collette on one side and Dawn and Glynda on the other. All are pretty annoying, but the penny-pinching, malicious Collette is just too wrong to be believed. They find plenty to fight about: should their father's fiancee, Estelle, be involved in the planning? Who is the mysterious Nina, and why is she in the will? Did Viagra kill Daddy? Who gets to ride in the limo? The most common question asked after reading this book is “Were you at my ______'s funeral?" You are guaranteed to recognize one of these colorful characters.

Shirt off his back.png

The Shirt off His Back

"Many brothers are good . . . Some are even great . . . Only a few will give you . . . The shirt off his back."

Terry is a handsome man with some serious "skills and benefits" that makes him an ideal catch for any sister looking for Mr. Right. Besides being kind and generous to a fault, what adds to his appeal is the fact that he stepped up to the plate and took full responsibility of raising his twin daughters, Ariana and Alisa, as a single parent during his third year in college. No, he wasn't forced to do this, but wanted very much to raise the girls when their mother Catherine Hawkins deserted them for a glamorous and lucrative career out of the country. With the help of his mother, Teresa, his sister, Veronica, and best friend, Roland Carpenter, Terry has been able to raise his daughters for eleven years in peace without any interference from Catherine. Now that he is about to marry the love of his life, Jackie, who is also a single parent to twins, Catherine shows up from Spain demanding custody of the girls and respect for her role as their mother. Refusing to let her take his girls and disrupt their lives, Terry and best friend Roland, who happens to be a powerful and respected attorney, put their heads together and come up with a plan that will keep Catherine out their lives forever!

It has been said "THE SHIRT OFF HIS BACK is an engaging book filled with humor, true friendship, love and feel-good romance. I commend author Parry Brown not only for writing an awesome story about a man who is obviously a good son, a wonderful brother, and true best friend; but for writing a story about a black man who is a loving dedicated single parent. This was a fun book to read . . . and one that I would gladly read again and again!"


Sexy Doesn't Have a Dress Size

This is a book that snaps, crackles and pops with positive images for all women! Too many women of color have never been told that they're beautiful. We live in world where beauty is presented as blonde and bone pinching thin. Parry Brown's book will inspire you to love yourself AS YOU ARE not for what somebody--a friend, a lover or society says you should be.

Belle Magazine
... deals with the issues of who we are as full-figured women and teaches us the importance of self acceptance.

Skraps Magazine
AT LAST, someone bold enough to say it out loud! Sexiness comes in all sizes!

Love is Blind.png

Love is Blind

Mysti Ellington, who's just made partner in one Los Angeles' most prestigious law firms, turns to the Internet to find love when she discovers that all work and no fun, has become passe', not to mention boring. Determined that her frog kissing days are behind her and armed with the encouragement of her assistant yet not deterred her best friend's dissuasion Mysti throws caution to the wind. Does she find her BlacKnight is just a click away?


Destiny's Daughters

Novelists Donna Hill, Parry "Ebony Satin" Brown, and Gwynne Forster combine their talents to tell a story about triplets separated at birth. At 16, Minnie Lou Holmes dies giving birth to three babies. Her aunt, Essie Mae Holmes, names each baby and dies before she can place them in good homes. Jamilla is sold to a couple in California, Leticia is placed in a group home in New Orleans, and Clarissa becomes a ward of the Georgia Foster Care system. Hill tells Leticia's story, which is about all the men in her life whom she uses to live the good life. Brown writes about Jamilla, who learns on her twelfth birthday that she is a triplet. Forster tells about Clarissa and her determination to use her voice for a better future. The triplets grow up to be extraordinarily beautiful and financially successful yet yearn for their special sisterhood and go to great lengths to find each other. This story is written in an imaginative style that allows each author to showcase her talents and bring the characters to a happy reunion. Lillian Lewis

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