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Destiny's Daughters

Novelists Donna Hill, Parry "Ebony Satin" Brown, and Gwynne Forster combine their talents to tell a story about triplets separated at birth. At 16, Minnie Lou Holmes dies giving birth to three babies. Her aunt, Essie Mae Holmes, names each baby and dies before she can place them in good homes. Jamilla is sold to a couple in California, Leticia is placed in a group home in New Orleans, and Clarissa becomes a ward of the Georgia Foster Care system. Hill tells Leticia's story, which is about all the men in her life whom she uses to live the good life. Brown writes about Jamilla, who learns on her twelfth birthday that she is a triplet. Forster tells about Clarissa and her determination to use her voice for a better future. The triplets grow up to be extraordinarily beautiful and financially successful yet yearn for their special sisterhood and go to great lengths to find each other. This story is written in an imaginative style that allows each author to showcase her talents and bring the characters to a happy reunion. Lillian Lewis

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