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Sittin' In The Front Pew
Sitting in the front pew.png

This long running best seller explores the upheavals that a father's death triggers for his grown daughters. Narrator Glynda has just passed the bar exam in L.A. when she receives the dreaded late-night phone call. Drawing on the strength of her plucky best friend, Rico, she flies to Baltimore, where the family is gathering to bury Edward Zachary Naylor. Tears fall and personalities clash as Glynda and her siblings Renee, Collette and Dawn bicker relentlessly over funeral arrangements. The battle lines are drawn, with Renee and Collette on one side and Dawn and Glynda on the other. All are pretty annoying, but the penny-pinching, malicious Collette is just too wrong to be believed. They find plenty to fight about: should their father's fiancee, Estelle, be involved in the planning? Who is the mysterious Nina, and why is she in the will? Did Viagra kill Daddy? Who gets to ride in the limo? The most common question asked after reading this book is “Were you at my ______'s funeral?" You are guaranteed to recognize one of these colorful characters.

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