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Fannin The Flames

Faith is tried by the fire when the C, or "colored," shift at Fire Station 27 of the L.A. Fire Department is experiencing strange occurrences, and almost everyone is convinced that the events are racially motivated. Jerome White, a firefighter for 15 years, has been in love with his wife since they were children, and they live blissfully in suburbia with their three sons. His perfect world is shattered when tragedy strikes and he is left to pick-up the pieces. His captain, best friend, and godfather to his second son, Lloyd Frederickson, is planning his 30th wedding anniversary party when his wife ask him for a divorce. Rookie Andrew St. Vincent is the biracial son of a veteran firefighter who has taken all of his privilege for granted and is hit with a racial reality check when the station pranks become dangerous. The only female on the shift, Mychel (pronounced Michael), has her eyes and heart set on Jerome. Will Jerome fall prey to her conniving ways disguised as concern in a moment of weakness? With all of the instability and insanity that confronts Jerome, he is continually reminded "it is all in the believing". Glynda and Dawn Naylor (from Sittin in the Front Pew) have returned and the reader gets to find out if the “cease fire” called at the funeral is still holding strong.

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